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While Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on many families, causing over three million deaths as of April 2021, its economic repercussions are equally tragic. Several businesses across the world have had to shut their doors due to the lack of customers. If you are fortunate enough to keep your business running, you need to be doing everything you can to keep your employees and customers safe.

This means cleaning and disinfecting every inch of your business center. The process can understandably be overwhelming, considering that you have to be accountable for the safety of your employees and customers. …

A manufacturing plant covered in grease and oil stains, littered with debris and discarded tools makes for a hazardous work environment. Of all the commercial spaces, manufacturing plants and factories are the quickest to become dirty and grimy.

An ideal factory environment is one where the floor, equipment, and the entire space, including the HVAC system, is clean. It would motivate your employees to work more efficiently and inspire customer confidence.

Why you need a clean factory

Hygiene and health

A clean factory floor ensures healthy employees. If a worker falls ill as a result of a poorly maintained factory…

Online classes have taken their toll on students and teachers alike. It has reduced the American education system’s effectiveness and has resulted in students and teachers burning out in a few weeks. While schools are barely coping, the Government has realized the need to reopen institutes and reduce the stress students and teachers are going through.

While it is good news for teachers, parents, and students that schools are reopening across the country, the schools are responsible for making sure that they do not become COVID-19 hotspots, with any lapse in the cleanliness of the schools. In that case, they…

A construction area or newly constructed building is synonymous with dirt, dust, and mess. Cleaning the space by yourself or with your family’s help would be exhausting and, to an extent, incomplete. Even if you are building a commercial building, it would not be prudent to clean the space with just your resources.

KleenTeem’s Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Here are a few reasons why you should employ commercial post-construction cleaning services to make your space spic and span.

Safety of space

Irrespective of whether you are building a residential or commercial space, if you are expecting occupancy in the middle of a global pandemic, it…

Keeping your workplace tidy should be your top priority. Yet, it happens to be the last thing on the manager’s mind. To keep your employees healthy and happy, it is essential to outsource office cleaning services to professional and trained cleaners.

Office cleaning isn’t optional, especially in recent times. With the COVID-19 virus spreading at a rapid pace, each employer’s primary concern must be the health of their staff. Benefits of keeping your office clean go beyond the employees’ health.

How a Neat and De-cluttered Office can Benefit your Business?

Here’s how a clean and de-cluttered workplace adds value to your business.

  1. Minimize Sick Leaves
    You must be using the best…

Bacteria and germs are almost everywhere in your workplace — be it the dirty corners of your cabin or the tables at the canteen. There is a chance your employees will fall sick if they touch the infected surfaces. The only way to keep your office germ-free is by hiring professional commercial cleaning companies. These people will clean every nook and cranny of your office, leaving you with a neat workplace. Let’s take a look at the top hiding spots for office germs.

Germ hiding spots in a commercial space

Do you know desktops have more germs than the toilet seat? Office germs spread fast, especially in…

cleaning and disinfecting the office space
cleaning and disinfecting the office space
Cleaning and Disinfecting

Spring shouldn’t be the only cleaning time, and when it comes to offices, it requires some professional treatment. Why? Simple, because each area of your office gets used differently by numerous people, a generic cleaning routine isn’t going to get the work done effectively.

You can’t cut corners in office cleaning.

In order to maintain workplace hygiene and keep employees healthy, it’s critical to invest in professional commercial cleaning services. The next step is to craft a cleaning schedule with emphasis on daily, weekly, and monthly regularity. …

Kleen Teem

We are professional cleaning services company operating in the Midwest and South Florida since 1999.

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